Formed in January this year (2013), we have a membership comprising of the whole range of abilities from new archers to National, European and World Champions. We are affiliated to the English Field Archery Association and recognise all forms of archery from Traditional / Historical bows to the modern Compound bow. Our key aim is active participation in Field Archery Events and progress / promote the sport of Field Archery.


The genesis of a new club

web-news-iconUnfortunately plans change and we are in the process of finding a more permanent home for the club. As soon as we have a new location we will publish it here.

Club members are not stopping shooting whilst we search for a permanent home, most weekends people are out at various classification shoots and national competitions.

Once established we intend to expand our club by introducing new members to the sport of Field Archery by following the EFAA’s recently introduced instruction programme, an Internationally recognised standard, with our qualified instructors. They will also learn the delights of archery in our beautiful English woodland and the camaraderie that goes with it.